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Hi! Welcome to Sakurasou no Yakusoku! The name is taken from Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 3rd Story (Premium is in my backlog), those who played the game before will get what I mean, right?(✧≖‿ゝ≖) So, I came back to WP after some failed attempts at FC2 blog… I’m lazy to rewrite an introduction post so I’ve created a page for it. I’ve dump in my profile, have fun reading :3


Name: Ageha 揚羽 / Haruhi ハルヒ (Latter was adopted when I started 3DS)
Where am I from: Penang, Malaysia
What I Fancy: J-Pop, Games, Food, Animes, Mangas, Dramas, Seiyuus and… ikemens (/∀\*))キャハ♪~
What I Play: Basically Otome, RPG and Pokemon
Random Stuff #1 – ときレスフレンドコード Tokimeki Restaurant Friend Code: 8861-9709-1483-6306
Random Stuff #2 – 3DS Friend Code: 1435-7207-7660 (Please leave your friend code in the comments section below for me to add you back :3)
Random Stuff #3 – Aichuu User ID: 417215452

Deleted Apps:

幕末恋愛録~花魁道~ 招待コード: yukari

召喚彼氏~SUMMONERSxLOVERS~ 招待コード: ageha

About This Blog

I write textwalls game reviews and random stuffs/rants. I get biased easily (Read: Chances of biased reviews) and I tend to squeal, scream and laugh like an idiot when I fangirl. I’m extremely lazy and I play my games at my own pace(a.k.a. snail’s pace) with some nasty distractions on my gaming journey. Please excuse my slow review progress (´˘`๑)ゝエヘヘ

I tend avoid horror, ホモォ┌(┌^。^)┐ (yaoi/yuri) and 18+ rated stuff. Please refrain from recommending/requesting me to try them. For those who don’t fancy those things, good for you, you won’t see them popping out here. But for those who like/love those things, I respect your love for it. If you try to brainwash me or shove them to my face by any means, I’ll burn those things into crisp (乂∀・)┌┛)`д)・∵.コトワル!

As you can see above, I’m from Malaysia. Kindly pardon my Manglish (Malaysian English) o(_ _)o ペコッ♪ You can use English(OFC), Malay, 华语(Chinese) a.k.a. 中国語 and 日本語(Japanese). Basically, I should be able to comprehend what you’re trying to express unless we are not in the same channel or I hit my head with some ‘hard’ tofu 😀 lol

Joking aside, I encourage you to comment! The games I play are all in Japanese, unless stated. If you have any questions/suggestions, you can either comment on any posts I made, find me on Twitter(@MonochromeAgeha) or shot me an e-mail to monochromeageha at live dot com. (Please replace the at with ‘ @ ‘ and dot with ‘.’) I’ll see if I can help you.

Lastly, please take note that I post what I like with my own writing style. If you don’t like what’s being posted, please leave and find something else that suits you. Thank you!

PS: Welcoming any senpai(s)/nakama(s) with the same interests who wants to exchange blog links. Please leave a comment and I’ll add you ASAP 🙂

Last edited: 16 Nov 2016


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello dear! ヽ( ^ω^)ノ
    Welcome to WP and i just have to comment since you mentioned about TMGS3 PREMIUM i just cant ignore it right? I URGE YOU TO PLAY THAT LIKE SERIOUSLY (sakurai brothers are the best (´♡ω♡`))

    If you want some nakamas, just look at my blogroll lists! They are all otome gamers and you can find them on twitter too!

    Last but not least, i play games at my pace too (read: super snail pace) so がんばって for both of us! ٩( ‘ω’ )و

    • いらっしゃいませ、姉ちゃま!

      I’ve play GS3 on DS before and I’ve cleared 5 out of 6 main guys’ Love ED. Sure I’ll pick up Premium after I finish NORN9 and another 2 fandisk I’m playing. Sakurai Brothers ♥♥ Ruka and Kou♥♥ I remember calling Ruka as Darling in DS’s GS3 x3 haha

      Ah, yes, thanks for telling me about the nakamas. I’m going to ask them after I post something :3


  2. HEY! Ofc, we can exchange blog links! Glad to see you back on WP! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  3. Ohh you’re back on Twitter! Welcome back~! Thanks for following again. 😀
    And yesss play Premium!! <333

  4. Hey there. ♥ If you’re wondering, this is Usagi-chan from Wonderland- I mean, Twitter. xD Let’s exchange links, dear! Will be stalking around for updates from you. ^^

  5. Hi there 😀 I’m Shuu and I’m kinda new on WordPress and I’m also interested in otome games as well. I do have a blog for otome game reviews as well, is it okay if we exchange links??? ^_^

  6. Ello you’ve a really kawaii blog! Nicely decorated 🙂
    I’ll follow you and check out otome games updates hehe :>
    Btw may I ask: How do you make those snowflakes fall at the top? Beautiful!! <3<3

    • Hi and thank you!(人´∀`) My blog’s background was originally pink but I changed it to blue for a wintery feeling. ( *´艸`)クスッ♪ For the snow, you can make it fall in any WP blog. Just go to Settings>General and scroll to the bottom. There’s an option asking whether if you want to show falling snow on your blog. Hope it helps 🙂

      • Hmm this is weird :/ I did exactly what you said but there’s still no yuki. TwT *Sigh*
        Oh well…, ah & I forgot to mention that I really appreciate the long posts and the effort you put in it (the details) since I’m a non-otome gamer haha.

      • Did you check the box and click ‘Save Changes’? If you did, then the snow should start falling in your blog 🙂
        Glad to hear that there’s people who appreciates my insanely long posts XD You really made my day :3
        Oh, you’re not playing otome games? What games do you play?

      • Yes I did 😦 Perhaps I need a header or something because I noticed you have one with the bishies xD
        I’m glad I made your day ^_^
        Yup because for one I can’t read kanji (I tried learning the Japanese language but failed obviously) and another is because my family has a huge distrust of ordering things online so I can’t get my hands on any otome game. As much as I really want to try otome gaming I can’t 😦 So I really do enjoy reading otome game reviews xD
        Hmm as for the games I play perhaps you can guess from my profile picture haha x3 I play mainly RPGs but my favourite series would be Pokémon even though a lot of my friends dropped it already T-T It’s my childhood love! Oh and since some of them requested I started to try some online games too, but it’s fine since it’s all in English. The main problem here is the language barrier… Hope the market for otome games would increase!
        Oh dear gomen for the long reply!! >_<

      • Ah, I’m not sure if that’s the problem, maybe you can look up WP’s Help section? Ahaha, that’s Norn9’s bishies in the header ❤
        Oh, I see. My Japanese is still half-assed though, haha. Kanji is not a big problem because I study Chinese. 😀
        I play RPGs and Pokemon too! My real life friends are only interested in FB and smartphone apps, so I'm pretty much playing alone. ;w; I see your profile picture is an Eevee, I love dem eevee and eeveelutions, they're sooo CUTE (p萌q♡ω♡+*)・+!! Gah, how I wish I can have a real one as pet. wwwww
        PS: Don't mind the long reply 🙂 I enjoy reading every comment from my blog readers except spam.

  7. Yup I know hehe, thanks! You are such a sweet girl.
    I study Chinese too but it’s my worst subject so yup T-T
    Really?? omg yayy finally someone who shares the same sentiments & plight as me!! I’m alone in my otome/pokemon craze too *sheds a tear* I’ve been a loyal Pokémon fan and of course my fav Pokémon is the adorable Eevee~ Do you play on the console? :3
    Great ^^

    • Yea, I have a DS lite but it’s going to meet its demise sooner or later… It has accompanied me for 5 years ;w; I’ll let it rest it peace when I get my hands on a newer DS console (maybe) next year end. ( ;∀;)ごめんね、DSちゃん。

  8. Hey~ I don’t know if you remember, but you asked me if I have a Twitter account couple years ago? I finally got one ahaha. I don’t know how often I’ll be tweeting since I kinda signed up for it for a mobile app campaign, but thought I would let you know. (twitter: @nukomofuri). I’m still not really sure how to use it orz lol.

  9. Ah, a fellow M’sian? Why hello there fellow Malaysian, Chinese and female friend 😀 it’s quite refreshing to see a M’sian friend here that means I can speak rojak with no prob right? XD my english is no good and my chinese is already shity as hell lol. Hope to see you around after you settle down on Universities 😀

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